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Janitorial Products

We are one of the main distributors for the Swish line of industrial cleaning and maintenance supplies, a well known and well respected company in our industry.

Facility Mainenance:

Please ask our Sales Representative to show you our catalogue of supplies including:

Restroom Products: Tissue, Paper Towels, Air Fresheners, Soap, Dispensers.

Carpet Care: Shampoos, Deodorizers.

Hard Surface Care: Floor Cleansers, Waxes and Sealers.

Odour Control: Neutralizers, Deodorizers, Aerosol Sprays, Air Fresheners.

Hand Care: Hand cleaners and gloves to protect your from a variety of hazards.

Hand Care Services:

  • Improves Sanitation.
  • Controls Waste.
  • Eliminates On Site Inventories.
  • Reduces Expenses.
  • Ensures Constant Availability of Supplies.
  • Removes the Hassles Associated with Maintaining Messy Dispensers.
  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners for Everyday Use.
  • Convenient Service Visits.
  • Low Weekly Rates.
  • Ensures Constant Availability for Your Employees and Customers.
  • Paper Products and Janitorial Supplies Are Also Available.

Shut Down Services:

  • Coverall service for mill shutdown
  • Industrial wipers
  • Heavy duty degreasers
  • Paper towels of all kinds
  • Service Stations and Garages:
  • Rolling towel cabinet
  • Garage wipers

Clean-It Centre:

  • Dishwasher Soap
  • All cleaning needs for floors
  • Bacteria handling
  • Sanitation Control

Mop Program:

Our mop service, combined with our floor mat service are an unbeatable pair. Together, these services improve interior appearance, ensure maximum soil and dust control and increase the life of floor coverings and finishes.

Dust Mops:

  • Effectively removes dust, dirt and debris from non carpeted surfaces.
  • Durable frames and swivel handles for easy maneuverability.
  • Mops are collected, cleaned and delivered on a regular basis.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Wet Mops:

  • Absorbent.
  • Can be changed on a daily or weekly basis depending on your needs.
  • Cuts down the spread of bacteria.
  • Easy to change mop handles are supplied for your convenience.
  • Reduces contaminants when refinishing floors.

Talk to our drivers or sales representatives for more information, contact us via e-mail or call North Star Linen at 1-800-461-5156.

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